Expertise at work.

Dress for Success

You are what you wear – especially when it comes to an interview! First impressions are made in as little as 30 seconds and you want to project the image of an employee your prospective company will want to hire. There’s no impression like the first impression - so make it count!

When you look good, you’re more confident. Those who carry themselves with confidence and convey a likeable personality are more likely to appear as an attractive candidate, regardless of their physical qualities.

How can you look your best and project that winning quality? Start with a smile followed by a positive attitude! These are your most effective yet most inexpensive components of a successful interview.

Interview Attire / AurStaff® Dress Code

Remember, you not only represent yourself during your interview and at work, you represent AurStaff. Your clothing should reflect professionalism and confidence.

  • AurStaff represents candidates in a wide variety of fields so our recommendation on interview attire isn’t “one size fits all”. Therefore, plan to dress a step or two above what you would wear to work should you be hired by the particular company. Your interview attire may consist of khakis and freshly pressed button down shirt or business attire, depending on your position. Your recruiter is available to provide you with guidance as to what is appropriate for your interview.
  • Avoid loud or flashy styles or colors.
  • Clothing should be clean and neatly pressed.
  • Women: avoid heavy makeup or perfume.

Remember – even if the internal dress code is very casual, your interview attire should be professional and relatively conservative.

Business Casual Attire

Your recruiter may suggest dressing business casual for your interview. What is business casual?

  • Business casual is an extension of professional attire, yet in a more relaxed manner.
  • Classics such as khaki pants, button down shirts, and vests are appropriate.
  • Shoes should always be clean and polished.
  • Avoid large logos, t-shirts with messages, and items that are revealing.
  • Unbutton no more than the top button on shirts and blouses.