Vacation Season

Everyone is taking vacation and I am swamped! Has this happened to you? Of course it has! Everyone seems to want to take vacation at the same time, which leaves everyone else shorthanded and wearing many different hats.

The “prime time” for vacation is starting to wind down and school is starting up again so now everyone must get back into the groove.

Let’s reflect on what we learned during this busy time of the year.

How to handle covering for co-workers when they are on vacation:

  • You must stay organized and manage your time.
  • Keep a list of your additional duties and mark them off each day as they are completed.
  • You must stay positive because if you start to feel overwhelmed each task will seem more difficult.
  • Work as a team! If you work together it will make covering for others and wearing all the hats feel like a breeze.
  • Stay motivated.
  • Handle your co-worker’s work the way you would want them to handle it if they were covering for you.
  • Try not to imagine how much fun your co-workers are having and how tan they will be when they return.
  • Know that your vacation will be next and your co-workers will be in the same boat as you are in.

What did you accomplish?

  • You helped your co-workers.
  • You allowed your co-workers to enjoy their vacation/break.
  • You helped your employer maintain business as usual.
  • You learned new things and grew as an employee.

In the end…

Being shorthanded and covering for others helps you grow and learn new things you are not normally exposed to. So take a deep breath and when your co-workers return everything will return to normal. It really wasn’t that bad, now was it?

Now… when can you schedule your vacation?

Kevin_BrowneKevin Browne
Kevin is from Omaha, NE. He attended college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management. He has been with AurStaff since January of 1999 and currently is a Senior Account Manager. Kevin is a huge North Carolina Tarheel fan as well.

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