Three Tips to Help Your Department Excel

Leadership is about unleashing the power of your workers. Here are some important techniques that will do just that:

Begin every meeting with a success story. Update the team on your progress, or ask for good news from one or two participants. Personal success stories can be the most motivating and inspirational tools for encouraging team members to strive for results. Dig for details and then discuss what lessons the winners learned and how these lessons can be applied to other situations.

Speed up results. Most of us are impatient to get what we want. Once your team has identified goals for itself, look for ways to achieve those goals quickly. This will help you spot workers who are committed to their goals and willing to work hard to accomplish them.

Involve your staff in hiring. Let your current workers participate in the selection and interview process, since they are the people who will be working most closely with whomever you hire. They’ll feel better about new hires if given the chance to speak with candidates and share their opinions with you.

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