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Three Pointers to Stand Beside When Selecting the Right Staffing Firm

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and your top performer unexpectedly puts their two-week notice in. Maybe you are shorthanded for a temporary project coming through the pipeline and you have no idea how you’re going to find replacements to keep production running smoothly. You’ve heard pros and cons about staffing firms and you don’t even know where to start. It’s an investment you feel must be made as your back is up against the wall. Sometimes you have no other game plan to make sure you are fully staffed to ensure you’ll hit your monthly, quarterly, and annual projections. You Google ‘staffing agencies’ and start dialing the first numbers you see to get quotes on the best deal. Here are three pointers to stand beside when selecting the right staffing firm for your specific staffing/temporary needs.

Research for Reputation

Asking questions is key before hiring a staffing agency. Here are a few questions I would highly recommend:

  • “What expertise do you have with recruiting in my industry?” It’s the staffing agency’s knowledge of your industry that is most important, as it’s crucial to effectively match technical skills and cultural fit.
  • “How do you measure your client satisfaction, and what is your most recent satisfaction score?” Past performance is the most reliable indicator of future performance.
  • “What are your expectations of me in this partnership?” Partner with a staffing agency that you trust enough to allow it access to learning about your business and culture.

Staffing Firms Have Different Niches

Make sure the staffing firm specializes in the type of staff you need. Non-specialized or generalist firms work with a broad variety of candidates. This may make it more difficult and take longer to find someone with the exact skills and qualifications you need. Specialized staffing firms that focus on a niche will have a better sense of the candidate marketplace in your industry. It can effectively evaluate candidates’ experience and skills. Getting a good match the first time saves you time and money.

You Get What You Pay For  

If you go with the right staffing firm, the overall cost is typically a net savings. Finding qualified and skilled employees can be time-consuming; however, using a firm allows you to save time and money throughout the entire hiring process. Depending on the hiring option you move forward with, a satisfaction guarantee may even be offered (if you aren’t happy with the employee, the firm will identify a replacement). It’s important to communicate your goals and needs to the staffing professional every step of the way. You’ll be in the best position to maximize your working relationship with them. Make sure the staffing professional is able to explain and illustrate why the cost is higher, lower, or about the same as competitors you may use. Choose a staffing agency that provides you with permanent and temporary employees you can’t necessarily access yourself and invests in training the talent who will be working for you.

You will be in good hands if you follow these three pointers when selecting the right staffing firm. Remember, a staffing firm is your partner in the industry and a consultant in your staffing needs.

sydney-stander-150x150Sydney Stander

Sydney joined AurStaff in June 2015 and works as an Account Manager. She enjoys pairing both candidates and clients to make the perfect match to benefit every party. “Hearing the joy in their voices when the perfect match has been made is such a rewarding feeling leaving work each day.” Outside of business hours, she enjoys spending time with friends and family; whether that consists of trying new restaurants, touring wineries, boating in the summer, or simply gathering around a bonfire.


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