The Long Lost Art of CONSIDERation

We’ve all been at the grocery store with only two or three items and a line of folks in front of us, each with a cart jam packed with groceries. Naturally, we all have the same typical reaction, which is to immediately get frustrated and let out a loud sigh before looking around for the shortest line to bolt to. While many would consider themselves thoughtful and patient, we all have our moments. Understanding that we ALL have places to be, ALL have bills to pay, and ALL have mouths to feed is the first step in being a more thoughtful and CONSIDERate person.

The same guideline should be and can be applied to your career advancement. CONSIDER the pickle you put your employer in when you no call, no show for work or give very little notice of an absence. We all have situations that come up that are out of our control. However, making excuses to leave work early or not show up entirely for non-emergency purposes ultimately affects your credibility.

CONSIDER how you are viewed by your employer in these circumstances. Are you someone who is perceived as reliable, dependable, or a “go to” for an immediate need? Or are you untrustworthy and just a warm body filling a spot? The way in which we are perceived stems directly from our actions. We all know and embrace the phrase “actions speak louder than words”. CONSIDER your actions when you’re employed, whether it is permanent placement, a long term assignment, or even a one to two day project. How you handle yourself professionally will give the employer all the more reason to CONSIDER you for the position or bring you back for an additional project. Let your actions be your walking resume and CONSIDER the profound effect it will have on others.

By nature we are creatures of habit. CONSIDER developing and maintaining positive and reliable behaviors in not only your career but also your personal life. It’s always a good feeling to be someone that can be counted on in a pinch.

CONSIDER your actions and how it will affect those around you. We all wish the mom in front of us at the grocery store with the screaming baby would do something to calm that child. CONSIDER what she is going through at that very moment before passing judgement. She may be having an all-around bad day, as we all have them. Perhaps she is a mother working two jobs to support the family she hardly sees. No matter the situation we must try to understand WE are NOT the only ones going through something unpleasant.

The same is to be said for our respective employers and colleagues. CONSIDER the additional tasks or responsibilities you drop into a co-workers lap when you don’t show for work because you “just didn’t want to go into work today”. When others notice your reliability they are more inclined to offer that same bulletproof support and unyielding dedication, all because you gave them that respect and CONSIDERATION.

David FranksDavid Franks, Account Manager
David joined AurStaff in September 2014 and works as an Account Manager. He enjoys helping candidates find careers that define their lives. When he’s not spending time with his fiancée, Chrystal, and his three step sons, he’s watching Pittsburgh Steeler football and enjoying fall weather with family and friends.

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