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The Do’s & Don’ts for Your Reference Choices

Any job you apply for, it’s likely they will ask for a few professional references. It would be a mistake to assume the company isn’t going to call them. The majority of the time the information your references provide the employer will make or break you landing the job. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to references.

Always try to list at least one manager from your work history. Haven’t worked anywhere yet? Other great contacts would be a coach, mentor, or teacher. Overall, you want someone who has supervised you and knows your work ethic, but has been in a reputable relationship with you.

You do not want your references to be caught off guard when an employer calls them. Especially since nobody answers calls from random phone numbers anymore, it is good to give them a heads up. Make sure they are comfortable with you listing them as a reference and talking on your behalf.

Put in your two weeks. I cannot stress this enough. Keep showing up on time and finish any lingering tasks so you leave the employer on a good note. They are more likely to be a great reference for you in the future if you leave on good terms. It shows your next employer that you are respectful, courteous, and take pride in your work.

There are three main questions employers will ask your references. How did you know the candidate? How long did they work for you or with you? What can you tell me about them? It does not set the tone well for you if your answers are completely different than the ones your reference provided.

References are an important factor in landing a job! If you follow these do’s and don’ts you will be ahead of the rest. Happy job hunting and I hope you land that job you have your eye on.

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