The Advantages of Working with a Staffing Agency

There is a stigma of working with a staffing agency for many job seekers. I hear it from my candidates often enough that I’m almost always prepared for the conversation. I’ve been there myself. I’ve had the same questions. What’s the benefit? Are they really going to help me? Am I just a number to them? I’ve heard these questions amongst others, and all are very valid. I’ve heard horror stories from some of my candidates of bad experiences in the past: “ghosting”, not hearing the opportunities they’re asking for, etc. Yes, these things happen, but the pros almost always outweigh the cons.

  1. A major benefit of working with an agency is that if you’re currently employed and looking around, an agency can almost always keep your job search is confidential.
  2. An agency can do all the heavy lifting for you. After a thorough discussion on what you’re looking for, including pay, benefits, and the actual work, a recruiter has the knowledge to go out and find you the right fit and usually, there’s a handful of opportunities at hand.
  3. If you’re in between jobs, an agency can help you adjust your resume and eliminate any gaps.
  4. Wider pool of job opportunities are available that might not appear on job boards. There could be short term opportunities that turn into a long-term, full-time position, or there might be short-term or contract roles if that is your career goal. The one thing I always tell my candidates is that we’re working for you to find the best fit and a position you can see yourself thriving.
  5. Agencies have first-hand, in-depth knowledge of our client companies and what they are looking for, which helps give you the information and insight you’d want to know before making a decision to take a position.
  6. One of the most underutilized benefits of working with an agency is simply being in the know of what’s out there. You might not ever be truly “in the market”, but you still want to hear about opportunities that are out there. This is one of my favorite parts of my job. I love talking with great candidates to really learn what “the ideal position” would be for them. It might not happen right away, but usually that position will come open.

The right pay, the right environment, the ideal position you’ve been looking for; taking the time to talk to a recruiter and having that conversation of what that would look like for you might take a little of your time, but it could be the call that changes everything.

Josh Korth, AurStaffJosh Korth

Josh is from Columbus, NE and attended college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Josh has been with AurStaff since June of 2018. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, watching sports and spending time with his wife.

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