Is Your Resume Effective?

You may be the best fit for the open position you are applying for, but if your resume is not effective you will not have a shot! We all know it is common knowledge that you need a good resume to get the job you want, but do you really know how to present yourself in the best way? Do you have different versions of your resume? Did you read it and try to put yourself in an employer’s shoes?

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How to use DISC to Work More Effectively

Recently, I signed up to take a professional development class that specializes in conflict at work. During the first week of class we took the DISC assessment. For those of you who are not aware of what the DISC assessment is, it utilizes a method for understanding behavior, temperament, and personality. It provides a comprehensive overview of the way people think, act, and interact.

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blue-collar industry

How to be Successful in the Blue-Collar Industry

As a young person graduating from high school, there are an infinite amount of career path opportunities. Continuing your education at a trade school or a light industrial college program may not have been an option mentioned to you during your high school career. As the need for talented and skilled professionals in the blue-collar industry grows, companies are looking for new graduates to help fill these positions. By learning about the various types of opportunities available in this industry, students may be surprised by the immense amount of prosperous jobs that are available in the blue-collar market.

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