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Succeed On Your New Job with These Tips

When you’re just starting a new job, you’re probably excited, ambitious, and a little nervous. Here are some tactics for getting ahead quickly:

  • Act as if you’re still auditioning. Instead of assuming you’ve got it made, spend the first month or so showing that you deserve your new job. Don’t take anything for granted. Demonstrate, by working as hard as you can, that your employer made the right choice.
  • Help your manager. Your job isn’t to take orders but to help your boss accomplish his or her goals. Ask questions, be proactive, and show that you’re dedicated to the organization’s success.
  • Focus on performance. You’ll build better relationships with your new co-workers by showing what you’re capable of. Be dependable, and they’ll see you as someone they can trust to get things done.
  • Look for role models. Identify the high performers on your team and in your organization. Learn what they do to succeed so you can emulate their efforts—and develop your own reputation for getting results.
  • Think ahead. Always look to the future. When working on one project, start thinking about what you can do once it’s completed. Develop plans for advancement so you can start working on your long-term career right away.

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