Staffing Agencies from Around Omaha Report Positive Trends in Employment

Staffing firms from around Omaha each paint a slightly different picture of the current Omaha employment landscape, but they all report seeing that things are starting to take a turn for the better as more companies look for the right people to fill holes left when employees were cutback in the recent year. Scot Thompson, C&A Industries (parent company of AurStaff) CEO, said that while businesses are still less interested in expanding, even with the large pool of quality applicants to draw from, there is some strategic hiring of senior-level positions taking place. “The idea of having the right people in your organization never goes out of style,” Thompson said. C&A has also seen an increase in demand for applicants in the light industrial and manufacturing areas. Thompson said that while there is a very positive and sustainable trend in Omaha, the new “normal” is yet to be seen.

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