Smooth the Assimilation of New Employees

New hires represent an investment of time, money, and resources that you can’t afford to squander. That means planning their transition from “new hires” to “employees” with lots of care. Set up (and review) your onboarding process with the right objectives in mind:

  • Your organization. What do new employees have to know about your organization, its history, and your industry?
  • First impressions. What do you want new employees to say about your organization at the end of their first day? Boring them with forms and videos won’t get them excited about working for you.
  • Policies. It will take time for new employees to get familiar with all your rules and procedures. But what do you want them to know on day one? That will tell them a lot about your organization’s priorities.
  • Supervisors. What role should the employee’s direct supervisor play in the orientation process? Managers are busy with daily activities, but their involvement can help the new hire grow comfortable with your organization and his or her job more quickly.
  • Goals. What do you want the employee to be able to do at the end of the first day? The first week? The first 30–90 days?
  • Measurement. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your program?

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