Share to Be a Better Leader

Leadership isn’t a solo act. As a leader you have to work with other people, sharing a vision, goals, and a common understanding of how to get things done. To create an environment that supports your leadership role, concentrate on sharing this information.

• Your situation. You and your team should fully understand your collective and individual strengths and be aware of the challenges and obstacles you face. Knowing who you are and what you’re up against is imperative to moving forward effectively.

• Your desired direction. Does everyone know exactly what goals you’re trying to achieve? You all have to be on the same page to get maximum leverage from your combined efforts.

• Your common values. Honesty, respect, and courage should be core values that everyone on your team can depend on. Encourage and model the kind of behavior that helps the team focus on results, and pay attention to the values that make those results worthwhile.

• Your shared power. People working together can do far more than any single person working individually. Emphasize what you’ll be able to accomplish as a group so the team feels confident and empowered.

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