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Remember These Tips for a Winning Resume

The first step to succeeding at work is getting a job. One of the key elements to landing a job is your resume. Is it up to par? This is the first thing employers will look at to establish an initial impression of you, so make sure it is updated and impressionable. Here are some things you should know about crafting your perfect resume to land your dream job:

  • Sixty-four percent of recruiters use technology such as ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to weed out candidates based on resume flaws. Make sure to go through with a fine comb to scope out an errors that you may have missed.
  • One third of recruiters typically look only at the top 1/3 of your resume.
  • Six percent of employers prefer chronological resumes over functional or hybrid formatting. Have your information in order from your most recent position to previous positions.
  • Entry level tip: Focus on transferrable skills from internships and summer jobs.
  • Management level tip: Use specific results, not just your responsibilities. Include your annual reports and analytics representing results from the projects you were managing.
  • Executive level tip: A bulleted list of accomplishments is the most important element.

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