Remember the Basics on Your Trip to the Top

What does it take to get ahead? Investor’s Business Daily identified 10 traits for turning your dreams into reality:

• A positive attitude. Where your mind goes, you go. If you think you’ll fail, chances are good that you will. If you believe you’ll succeed—you’re halfway home.

• A definitive goal. “I want to be a success” is a wish, not a goal. “I want to become a junior partner within two years” is a goal. Write down exactly what you want to achieve and an action plan for achieving it.

• A courageous spirit. It doesn’t do any good to devise an action plan if you never get up the courage to act. The journey begins with a single step. Get started.

• An inquisitive mind. Pursue learning in all its forms—reading books, returning to school, attending seminars and training classes, listening to those who are wiser and more experienced.

• A strong heart. Few people are overnight successes. You have to be persistent enough to go the distance—no matter how long it takes.

• An analytical brain. Do your homework, get the facts, and learn to analyze details. Often the best ideas stem from little seeds everyone else overlooked.

• A focused eye. As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” You can’t prevent some setbacks, but don’t let today’s troubles keep you from tomorrow’s promise.

• A fearless approach. Innovate. Be different. Those who are content to follow the crowd never get the chance to stand out.

• A disciplined tongue. Learn the art of communicating effectively with others.

• A clear conscience. Don’t forget those rules you learned in kindergarten: Play nice. Be dependable. Tell the truth. If you can’t get to the top by being true to yourself and straight with everyone around you, your success will be hollow and probably short-lived.

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