Plan to Move Up in Your Career

If you want to want to advance in your career, a plan is essential. Here’s how to build forward momentum:

  • Make a five-year plan. What do you want to be doing in five years? What do you want to accomplish in that period of time?
  • Set your own goals. Don’t try to live up to someone else’s expectations. It’s your career—follow it your way.
  • Build your contact list. Make connections inside and outside your organization. The more contacts you have, the more diverse your future career options will be.
  • Take on responsibility. When you see an opportunity to volunteer for more responsibility, do it. Your boss will appreciate it, and you’ll develop more authority at the office.
  • Look for challenges. When you get bored with what you’re doing, look for something new. Learn new skills. Dipping into new territory can open up the future—sometimes in unexpected ways.


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  1. Yeah! its true planning is the first thing to do, if we have perfect plan what and how to do we can set the short goals and long term goals, then we have to build our connection with those who help in our career, getting knowledge about the new and upcoming skills, thank you.

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