Low Unemployment Is Great, Right?

The national unemployment rate as of February 2019 is at 3.8%. In Nebraska, it is at 2.8%. These are historic lows and it is great for the economy, no doubt. But is it great for the staffing industry? The answer is yes and no.

There are plenty of jobs out there, which is the good part. However, with historically low unemployment rates, there is a lack of people to fill those jobs and that is the bad part. So we in the staffing business feel the pressure to find people to fill the jobs in order to make our clients happy so they continue doing business with us. With that being said, you often hear in the staffing world, “the unemployed workers just don’t want to work”, “there is a lack of good candidates”, or “I am getting people interviews but THEY are not getting the jobs”. I have even said that last one myself a few times lately. The question then becomes how do we help get those unemployed workers gainful employment? I believe it all comes down to relationship building!

If you have a good relationship with your clients, then they will be open and willing to give your candidate a chance. So why would they do that? Because they trust you, and they also realize how hard it is to identify good candidates. On the flip side, having a good relationship with your candidates should encourage and motivate them to work for you, since you are working for them. Constant communication is the key here. Especially if you are dealing with $11-$13/hour candidates like I do on a daily basis, they just want to be respected like everyone else. Like it has been said, in this business you need to talk to a janitor like you talk to a CFO. Now I can get into best practices on how to build relationships since my training department has equipped me with those tools, but instead I encourage you to get with your company’s training department and get up to speed on relationship building. To all my fellow staffing professionals, good luck to you on your quests to fill your job orders and building those relationships to make it happen!

Jeremy Myers, AurStaff Sr. Account Manager

Jeremy specializes in the light industrial sector of the staffing industry. Jeremy has been with AurStaff for three years. He is married and has three boys, ages 7, 5, and 2. In his spare time Jeremy likes to volunteer with his church and coach his two oldest boys in youth sports. One of Jeremy’s mottos is “Life is a garden, dig it” – Joe Dirt.

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