Is Your Resume Effective?

You may be the best fit for the open position you are applying for, but if your resume is not effective you will not have a shot! We all know it is common knowledge that you need a good resume to get the job you want, but do you really know how to present yourself in the best way? Do you have different versions of your resume? Did you read it and try to put yourself in an employer’s shoes? Well I know from looking at resumes all day long that most of us do not think about that. Now there is no perfect formula to writing resumes as many different styles do work. Believe me, if I knew the secret formula to resumes, I would be selling that to everyone. I am not here to say one way is right and one way is wrong. I just wanted to give some pointers.

1. Objective. Make sure your objective has something to do with the position you are applying for. If you are applying for different positions, it would be a good idea to create more than one version of your resume. You could also remove the objective altogether because sometimes it hurts you if it is not related to the position you are applying for.

2. Skills/strengths. If there are skills/strengths you want to highlight, it is a good idea to list them at the top of your resume before your work history. This will help grab the employer’s attention!

3. Be direct. Your job descriptions should be precise and to the point. Try not to be wordy.

4. Education. List your education at the end of your resume. The only time I suggest moving it to the top is if the position you are applying for is related to your education.

5. Examples of resumes. You can use the Internet to get ideas from other resumes with similar skill sets, but it is never a good idea to copy a resume you found online. Your resume needs to come from you so that it shows your personality.

6. Resume length. This varies based on a person’s work history and skills, however, I’d recommend keeping your resume to one to two pages and making sure it flows smoothly.

7. Font/size. Make sure to stick with one style and one size of font throughout your resume for uniformity.

8. Proofread. Let someone review your resume and give honest feedback. You must be open to making changes.

I think I could go on forever writing about things to remember and things to avoid, but these are just a few things to help you write an effective resume. Remember that your resume is an important tool to help you obtain your next great position. Take writing your resume serious, do your research, and good luck in your job search!

Kevin_BrowneKevin Browne
Kevin is from Omaha, NE. He attended college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management. He has been with AurStaff since January of 1999 and currently is a Senior Account Manager. Kevin is a huge North Carolina Tarheel fan as well.

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