How to Land a Job in 2020

Identify your skill set

Know what you’re good at and look for a job that will allow your skills to shine. You may be looking in the wrong places if you’re only looking at job title. Find a job that aligns with your skill set and your goals, not just the title.

Update your resume

It’s important to keep up with your resume. I update mine every year, whether or not I’m still at the same job. A resume is your chance to showcases your skills, experience, and education. Don’t sell yourself short by sending out a mediocre resume. Spend some time on it! If you need help, our resume recommendations will help.

Use online resources

Use online resources such as job boards or company websites to seek out opportunities and interview tips. Job search sites like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn Jobs, and Facebook Jobs are some popular ones to start with on the job search. You can also search for jobs on AurStaff’s website.


Unfortunately, it’s not always about what you know. Many jobs are found through personal contacts. Having connections that have a good relationship with someone at a company you’d like to work for will help get you noticed. If you’re just sticking to applying and responding to job postings, you’ll be one of many, many applicants, and your name won’t stand out as much as getting a direct referral.


Always have two to three professional references ready to go because most of the time your future employer will ask for them. This should be people you’ve worked with directly, not personal friends or family. Also, make sure you ask them to be your reference first, so they aren’t caught off guard when an employer calls them. This blog will help with the do’s and don’ts for your references.

Ask your interviewer questions

Always be prepared with some post interview questions. If you don’t have anything to ask, you could run the risk of coming off as uninterested. Some examples would be, “What does a typical day look like on the job?” or “What is the opportunity for growth like here?”

Social media

Watch how you present your social media presence. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow employers to see what the applicant is like outside of what is on their resume. Posting something inappropriate or unprofessional could hurt your chances of getting an interview. At the same time, stay active on social media – write blogs, share articles, post about your hobbies. Remember, it can either help you or hurt you, so make sure you paint yourself in a positive light.

Marisol Saldana, AurStaff

Marisol Saldana
Marisol joined AurStaff in January 2018 and is a Social Media Strategist & Recruiter. She attended the University of Nebraska and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Marisol has been a makeup artist for five years and enjoys making people look and feel beautiful. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, working out, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with family. She has an 8 year old daughter, Liliana, who is her best friend and biggest fan.

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