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How to Find an Engineering Recruiter

So you have decided it is the right time to find a new job and you have started to network a little. There are some questions you might be asking yourself. When is the right time to consider reaching out to a recruiter? How many recruiters should I work with? Most importantly, how do I find a recruiter who specializes in my field? If your field happens to be in engineering, then your first question will be how do I find a good engineering recruiter?

Not everyone knows this, but there are different kinds of recruiters. For instance, there are agency recruiters who work on many different positions in various industries and then there are specialized recruiters who focus on a more specified industry and scope of candidates. If you are an engineer, you don’t want a recruiter who specializes in banking, do you? No, you would want someone who has many clients and contacts in the engineering field to get your resume in front of the right people.

When is the right time to consider reaching out to a recruiter? I would not wait to contact a recruiter at all. A good recruiter can get your information in front of many decision makers fast!

How many recruiters should you work with? There is no right answer to this one, but I feel you will want to limit how many you work with because if a recruiter knows you are working with them exclusively they are going to work that much harder to find you something. If the recruiter knows you are working with many different recruiters, they may only present you to positions they currently have right in front of them and not reach out for new opportunities.

How do you find an engineering recruiter?

To begin, you can ask your network if any of them have worked with a recruiter in the past. It’s possible they had one help them find their last position.

Another great option is to use LinkedIn to find a recruiter who specializes in your field. If you type in “Engineering Recruiter” in the search bar it will pull the closest recruiters in your city, if you are only looking locally. If you are open to relocating, most recruiters can help you out in other cities, too.

Lastly, you can Google “Engineering Recruiters” in your area and it will pull up a list of recruiting firms that specialize in engineering. Normally Google is the first source we all go to and in most cases it does work very well, but I think a good combination of all three in this case is your best bet.

You found the correct recruiter, now what?

  • Make sure your resume is up to date, and if not, get it done.
  • Connect on LinkedIn (if you found them on LinkedIn), but make sure you personalize your invite to connect.
  • Set up a time to talk with your recruiter about your skills and goals for your job search.
  • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Stay in contact with your recruiter as much as you can. You want to remain fresh on their mind and they want to know any updates you have on your search process.

Remember, a good recruiter will always be honest with you about what you should expect as far as pay and other benefits based on your skills and experience. Don’t take anything personal, a recruiter’s job is to help you.

When you find a good recruiter in your field, you should stay connected with them even if you are happy in your position because sometimes things do change. As the saying goes you should always have a good contact for a mechanic, lawyer, doctor, and a recruiter, right?!

Good luck in your job search!

Kevin Browne, AurStaffKevin Browne, AurStaff Sr. Account Manager

Kevin is from Omaha, NE. He attended college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management. He has been with AurStaff since January of 1999 and currently is a Senior Account Manager. Kevin is a huge North Carolina Tar Heels fan as well.

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