exceed expectations

How to Exceed Expectations

Ambitious employees don’t just meet expectations on the job—they exceed them. Follow this advice for getting—and staying—ahead at work:

• Plan for a marathon. Get a running start by showing up early your first day, paying attention to the onboarding process, and making sure you have everything necessary to begin working effectively.

• Connect with people. Talk to your co-workers and managers to get a good sense of what they do, what they like, how you can help them, and how they can help you.

• Look for learning opportunities. Ask lots of questions about your job, your organization, customers, and your manager’s goals. Be on the lookout for the chance to pick up new skills.

• Set up a routine. Once you’re clear on your priorities, design a daily or weekly routine that lets you concentrate on them efficiently. Get goals from your manager and set up some personal stretch goals for yourself.

• Communicate well. Find out which co-workers and managers prefer email, one-on-one meetings, text messages, or whatever other communication tools are available to you. Adapt to their preferences so you can get and share important information efficiently.

• Look for support—and offer it. Find out what your co-workers are experts in so they can help you out when you’re in a jam. At the same time, be available to help others out so they know you’re not just trying to use them.

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