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Having a Healthy and Happy Team for 2020 through Team Bonding

You wake up, make breakfast, head to work, work, go to lunch, work, and then head home to eat and get ready for the next day to do it all over again. This monotonous routine can become very draining and wear on people, causing discord within the work force. Having good coworkers can ease that strain and becoming closer to your coworkers can make work less stressful and more enjoyable. Team building is an important and easy way to bond with your team. 

5 ways team bonding is useful:

  1. Communication – Team bonding activities force everyone to talk to someone that they might not normally talk to. For instance, just a few weeks ago our teams were paired up randomly to complete an escape room. We had to learn to communicate with each other and work together to get out of that room! Now taking that experience back to the work place, it helps us learn how each of us like to communicate and approach situations.
  2. Less stress – The holidays just ended and everyone is feeling drained. Finding motivation to even come to work right now is hard. A great way to lighten the mood back up in the workplace is to throw in a fun team game one afternoon. Helping elevate some of that post-holiday stress will help your team get back on track for the New Year. 
  3. Competition – There will always be a winner and a loser in any game. As sales professionals we love a healthy dose of competition. Creating a common goal for the team to achieve helps the team come together in ways you wouldn’t normally see them. Plus, who doesn’t like to have bragging rights?
  4. Cliques – Team bonding activities are a great way to break up some naturally formed cliques on your team. It’s a no brainer that similarities attract each other so cliques are going to be formed regardless. Having everyone take a step out of their comfort zone and get to know a new or different member on their team is always beneficial.
  5. Happier work place – Everyone likes to work at a place that isn’t business 24/7. Breaking up that daily routine gives the team something exciting to look forward to. Adding some FUN to your day can help employees have a more positive mindset and create more energy for the team all together.

Stay tuned for our next blog as we give you suggestions on some great team bonding activities to try out this year!

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