Getting Back in the Saddle at Work after Vacation

So you did it, you took that vacation you and your family planned months ago. You had a week away to spend with one another having fun, unwinding, and enjoying life in one of your favorite destinations. During the vacation, you were able to remain mostly unplugged while you were out of the office, but things will all go back to normal starting tomorrow. How do you jump back into the hustle and bustle of the work week after a nice week or so away?

Some may be able to hop right back into the grind like they never left. For others it can be difficult coming back as they may feel like they’ve lost their edge, momentum has stalled, and they may not be sure just where to start, feeling a bit overwhelmed during those first few days back. If you are one of the many who struggle coming back to work after a nice break, a lot of it might be in your head. Here are some things that can help you adjust and get back into the swing of things.

Reflection and Preparation

Spend that last day doing both some reflection on how much fun and enjoyment you had on vacation, as well as start thinking about the focus and priorities back at the office. I’ve talked to a lot of people who have tried this. You slowly start to focus on what things need to look like when you return to work, how you can get them there, and at the same time, never lose sight of the week that was vacation. It’s important not to just leave vacation behind and forget about it to focus on the work load immediately. This can spring a mindset of vacation is over, back to reality, and create that doom and gloom feeling of returning from vacation blues you’ll want to avoid. Ease back into it using your last day of vacation as transition and review.

Easy Does It

Don’t take it all on at once. You’ve been away, but have responded to a few things and answered some emails and calls while out. There is bound to be a fairly sizeable list of things to accomplish during your first week back. It isn’t going to happen all at once but you will get there, so you have to operate knowing such. If you focus on just knocking things out to get caught up as quickly as possible, you’ll lose all the benefits you just gained by taking vacation in the first place. Be confident that you will get to all your duties, complete all your tasks, and answer everything that needs an answer very soon. This way you keep any sensations of being overwhelmed at bay and your work doesn’t lack the quality you’ve always given it.

Simple Reminder

Lastly, one tip that’s always helped me a little is to bring some of your vacation with you back into the office. This can be anything from a picture to a trinket or souvenir you grabbed along the way. Mine, I’ll just tell you, is usually a picture of my family on some mountain or beach somewhere that I send myself and put as my screensaver for the next few months until another picture of the kids comes to mind. It does wonders helping me remember the fun we had, understand the tasks at hand and why we do them, and keeps me looking forward to the next adventure.

I hope you find this helpful even though we are on the back end of the summer vacation season now. Better late than never and it can hopefully be a resource to you around the holiday season that will be here before you know it.

Bob Malik, AurStaff Branch ManagerBob Malik, AurStaff Branch Manager

Bob has been with AurStaff for over five years and has experience in transportation, operations, capacity management, and account development. In his spare time he enjoys getting outdoors and spending time with his family.

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