Leading a Team

Follow these Principles for Leading Your Team

An effective team has good people, but it’s also based on common values. Here are three core principles you and every team member should follow:

Accountability. Every member of a team must be willing to take responsibility for success. That means keeping promises, adhering to deadlines, and generally doing whatever it takes to achieve goals. Look for team members who understand this, and be sure to demonstrate the same traits yourself.

Commitment. Team members should agree on why the project is important and worth doing. Beyond that, each of you should exhibit loyalty to the team and your organization. That means your main focus is on the team’s success, not any one person’s individual goals.

Empowerment. As a team leader, you need to hand over as much authority as possible to your team and its people. Hoarding all the power to yourself will slow things down and rob team members of the opportunity to practice their skills. Let your team know what decisions they’re expected to make on their own, and stand back to let them do their jobs.

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