Finish Your Workday off Right

A good beginning sets the tone for a successful workday. The last 10 minutes of your day can help you be productive tomorrow. Practice these habits to close your day on the right note:

  • Update your to-do list. Check off what you’ve accomplished and add fresh tasks for the morning. Prioritize your items in order of most important to least important.
  • Organize your workspace. Take a few minutes to put things away and make sure everything on your computer is in the right folder. Organization is crucial for a productive workday.
  • Review urgent messages. Respond only to those that require your immediate attention.
  • Reflect on the day. Spend a few moments thinking about what you’ve seen and learned, and consider how you can be most effective tomorrow. you can either do this mentally or write it down in a journal.
  • Review your schedule. What meetings do you have coming up? Are there events you have to attend? Make sure you’re prepared for your workdays.
  • Thank people. Identify the employees and co-workers who helped you during the day and thank them.
  • Leave. Don’t linger, or you may get sucked back into unnecessary tasks. Leave work at work.

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