Find the Right Combination of People for Your Team

The most effective work teams have a mix of personalities. When you’re forming a team for your next project or task force, look for one or more of these types of team players:

  • The Leader. This person makes sure everyone understands the objectives and that all team members are committed to the task at hand.
  • The Challenger. This team member is not afraid to question ineffective techniques or strategies and is always trying to improve the team.
  • The Organizer. This one is great for getting the team back on track after a distraction and for making sure people stay focused on the immediate task at hand.
  • The Thinker. This team member carefully considers other members’ ideas and seeks to improve them.
  • The Supporter. This person is great for easing tensions and for making sure that team members maintain good working relationships with each other and the rest of your organization.


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  1. I think setting a GOAL that is common to all of you and working towards that ONE goal endlessly. This makes sure that in case you have to make a decision, you know what to prioritise.

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