Customizable Safety Checklist

Your safety and health on the job depends on your ability to identify hazards and take proper precautions. An effective way to eliminate some of the hazards you might face is to take time at the beginning of every workday to conduct a quick inspection of your work area and your workstation.

To assist with your inspection, consider creating a checklist like the one when you click on the link to make sure you identify all potential hazards. This one is a general list of what to look for, so you may need to add more specific items to reflect the nature of your work area and the hazards that exist for you. Here is a general list to get started:

  • Is the general work area clean and neat?
  • Are the walkways clear of obstructions and debris?
  • Will co-workers and others working in the area be creating hazards you need to be aware of?
  • Are your workstation and the area around it in orderly condition?
  • Are personal possessions stowed safely away where they won’t be in the way or misplaced?
  • Are the items you use most during the day within easy reach?
  • Have other tools and materials been stored in their proper place?
  • Are trash and scrap containers empty?
  • Do you have the personal protective equipment (PPE) you need for the day?
  • Is PPE clean and in good condition?
  • Are containers of hazardous materials kept tightly sealed and safely stored?
  • Are material safety data sheets (MSDSs) that you will need during the day readily available?
  • Are machines and equipment clean and in good operating condition?
  • Are machine guards in place and operating correctly?
  • Is electrical equipment properly grounded?
  • Are electrical cords and plugs in good condition?
  • Have you avoided overloading electrical outlets and circuits?
  • Is emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first-aid supplies, in their proper place in case they are needed during the day?

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