AurStaff Q2 Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to Matt W., AurStaff’s Q2 Employee of the Quarter!

Matt W. has worked with AurStaff since August of 2006 with several clients. Always eager for a new challenge, Matt learns quickly and performs at peak capacity. The supervisor at his current client states, “Matt is very dependable, flexible with job duties, works any shift, and will change shifts with no notice. He is known as the “go-to” for any project.” We are proud to have Matt on the team and congratulate him for a job well done!

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How to ask the right question

No one has all the answers. That means asking questions is one of the most important skills you can master, whether you’re talking to employees, friends, or children. Questions should be short, simple, and concrete—easy to understand and think about. To use questions effectively, though, you must know what kinds of questions to ask.

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Stamp out foot problems!

Anyone who works in the industrial, technical, or engineering fields knows that when your feet hurt, working is not easy. As professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet, these individuals know the importance of taking special care to protect their feet at work. An injured foot, or any foot-related problem, can cause discomfort, pain, and fatigue — and when you’re tired, you’re more prone to accidents. So take these “safety steps” toward healthy feet:

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