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Career Evaluation: Look from the Past to the Future

From time to time, everyone should sit back and take stock of his or her career through a career evaluation. Maybe you’re not yet a CEO (and maybe you don’t want to be), but you probably have dreams, hopes, and plans. Evaluating your career performance can take you one step closer to achieving your goals. These questions should help you determine where you are and where you need to go.

Start by looking back over the previous six months or so:

• What are your three biggest accomplishments? What are the things you are most proud of?

• What new professional relationships have you developed? How has networking benefitted your professional development?

• What new skills have you learned? What do you think you have to offer in your career?

• What mistakes have you made (and what have you done about them)?

After Your Career Evaluation of the Past, It is Time to Look Forward:

• What are your top three professional goals for the next six months?

• What relationships do you want to develop or strengthen?

• What new skills do you want to master? Are there any certifications you could get?

The answers should help you set a course toward professional success.

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