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Build Your Success with These Three Tips

Success at work is more than a matter of keeping your head down and just doing your job. To advance, you’ve got to do more. Here are three tips on getting ahead:

  • Show real enthusiasm. No one likes being around someone with a negative attitude. A positive attitude will always get you noticed. However, don’t overdo it. Simply demonstrate your commitment to your job and organization with a can-do approach to every challenge. Your positive attitude will surely be infectious throughout your workplace.
  • Say “Thank you.” Don’t take anything for granted. A polite “Thank you” every time someone helps you marks you as kind and considerate, which will go a long way towards building the support you need to build your influence and rise in your workplace. Although saying “Thank you” is such a small gesture, I promise it will not go unnoticed.
  • Stretch yourself. Be willing to reach out of your comfort zone, even though I know it can sometimes be uncomfortable or scary. Take on assignments that will challenge you to master new skills. You’ll get attention from your manager and your co-workers by showing you’re not afraid to try new things.

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