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Benefits of Being a Blue-Collar Worker

Many people are afraid to “get their hands dirty” and may not realize that working a blue-collar job may actually be more beneficial monetarily and mentally. There are many benefits of being a blue-collar worker, but we’ve gathered four important ones.

Steady Work Hours

With professional or office positions, especially in our virtual world, your work schedule can fluctuate depending on your workload. If there’s a big project with a tight deadline, you may be working long hours over the typical 9-5. But with blue-collar jobs, your schedule is more consistent and regimented because often these positions have assigned shifts. So, when your shift is up, your work is done.

Strong Balance of Work and Personal Life

Having steady work hours goes hand in hand with having a great work-life balance. When you have a clear schedule of your work, you know when you have free time to make any appointments, spend time with family, or attend an event you have been dying to go to. There’s no worry about having to work extra hours that cut into valuable time you’ve set aside for yourself.

More Affordable Schooling

Depending on your specialty, most technical, trade, and vocational schools have programs that can take less than two years to complete compared to the average four years like universities. That means you’re spending less on tuition and fees each year learning special skills and how to harness your craft in order to get a job once you graduate. Each school does vary, though, so make sure you do your research before jumping in.

Endless Job Opportunities

In our current labor market, skilled trade, technical, engineering, and industrial jobs are in high demand –and they will stay in demand for as long as we need bridges built, HVACs fixed, and goods being transported from warehouses. This means there are endless blue collar job opportunities for you to explore. You can check out some available jobs that are out there now!

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Jeremy Myers, AurStaff

Jeremy Myers
Jeremy Myers is a Senior Account Manager who has been with AurStaff for over four years. Jeremy has been married for nine years and has three kids: Jayden, 8; Joseph, 6; and Jacob, 3. Jeremy is a huge Oklahoma Sooners fan and history buff. In his spare time, you will find Jeremy playing sports with his kids, volunteering at church, and cooking. Jeremy lives by the motto, “Life is a garden, dig it” -Joe Dirt

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