Avoid the Common Troubles That Plague Teams

Selecting the right people for your task force or committee is important, but it’s no guarantee of success. Be ready to deal with these troubles that can smother the team’s potential:

  • Going off on tangents. Creative, intelligent people can sometimes get caught up in a new idea and lose track of the original goal. Redirect your team as needed, reminding them of what you want to accomplish. Talk privately to those who seem unable or unwilling to focus.
  • Complaining. Obstacles and difficulties can cause anger and resentment. You can’t eliminate them altogether, but take steps to shut down complaints and whining before they start sucking the energy from your team. When people complain, ask what they could do to improve the situation. They’ll either find a solution or see the futility of dwelling on frustration.
  • Lack of communication. Some team members hoard information by nature; others just get too busy to share what they’re doing or consider how it affects everyone else. Remind your people that they have a responsibility to work together. Show how their individual strengths contribute to overall success and hold team-building workshops that feature exercises teaching the importance of sharing information.

Avoiding common work troubles will make for a better and smoother day in the office. Visit AurStaff’s website for more employer resources!

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