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The Waiting Game

“How long before I know if I got the job?” Candidates repeatedly ask me this question. It’s a love/hate question that comes with staffing. I LOVE that it shows me the candidate is interested and passionate about this position.

Use March Madness to Your Advantage

This time of year everyone is more worried about how their bracket is doing and what teams were left out of the tournament than their work. Take a look around – how many of your co-workers are taking time off to watch the games?


I recently went through a professional development class at work, and I have to say I was surprised at what I learned. Not only did I learn about new ways to improve my profession, but I learned why I do things the way I have always done them and why I keep coming across the

Play Ball

Now that football season is over and baseball season is around the corner (I’m a huge baseball fan) it got me thinking how similar work is to baseball. Now, back in my day I was a catcher or the position responsible for calling the plays and continually adjusting the player to the correct places.

Traveling Full Time is Nice, but is it for you?

You might hear a friend or a family member say they are starting a new job or a new career. When they tell you they will be traveling frequently for work, do you find yourself wondering if a career with travel might be for you?