Assess Your Career Health in These Key Areas

Are you moving forward in your career, or just running in place? In the middle of everything that’s going on, figuring out where you stand can be tricky. From time to time, audit your progress with this self-assessment:

• Impact. Try to measure the effect of your work on your organization. Can you point to revenues, measurable progress, specific improvement, or some other concrete metric that support your organization’s objectives? Important: Has your impact grown over time? Be sure you can point to concrete evidence of the value you provide.

• Leadership. Even if you don’t have “manager” in your job title, try to be the kind of employee others look to for advice, assistance, and support. Do people throughout your organization know your name? Do people ask for (and listen to) your opinions? Is your attendance required at important meetings?

• Industry. Take a good look at your organization and its place in whatever business you’re in. If the industry is thriving, you’re probably well positioned for advancement and career success. But if it’s shrinking, you might want to start looking for some way to use your skills in a capacity that supports a growing field.

• Development. Have you learned anything new recently? Are opportunities for coaching, mentoring, and further development plentiful? Make a solid effort to stay on top of trends and technology so you don’t get left behind.

• Mondays. If you look forward to returning to work, you’re in a good place. Spend a few minutes examining why you like your job and how you could enjoy it even more. On the other hand, if you dread the thought of going into the office, your career probably isn’t going anywhere soon, whatever your job is. Look for some way to make changes that will reinvigorate your enthusiasm for your career.

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