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Are You Struggling to Stay Productive While Working From Home?

On a normal day I would drive to the office, maybe stop for a coffee, and join my team for morning huddle to start the day. At home I walk down stairs, throw my hair in a bun, and hop on a Zoom call for morning huddle. I’m present, but do I really feel motivated? Here are some tips to remain productive while working from home.

Take a Drive

This will probably sound crazy to some of you, but a friend told me she takes a drive every morning just to make it feel like a normal day. Naturally I tried it and I felt a lot more alert and ready for the day afterwards. I don’t do it every morning, but on the days when I am feeling a bit sluggish I take a drive and maybe stop for coffee.

Continue Your Routine

The first days of working from home I was flying by the seat of my pants all over the place. Then I realized I needed to get organized. Every morning I get out my planner and make a list of what all I need to accomplish that day. Every two hours in the office I would climb the stairs, so at home I make sure I get up every two hours and walk around. Call your coworkers and just chat. You do it every day in the office, it’s just not a task then. Keeping a routine will help you feel saner and less stressed.

Turn on Some Music

If your work office is anything like mine we have elevator music always playing in the background that we hardly notice at work. Now you are at home, turn it up! The silence of working at home by yourself all day can drive you crazy. Create your own tune for the day and get pumped!


Yes, I mean water not caffeine. The first few weeks at home I was fueling myself with coffee, pop, and energy drinks all day every day and it never fails you just hit a wall at some point. Drink water! There has been no easier time to get your eight cups in a day until now. I promise your body will appreciate it.

Take Your Lunch Outside

In the office I am always wishing I could be outside, especially during the spring and summer months. Now is your time. Take an hour and sit in the sun, take your pets on walk, or play with your kids—just get outside! You will feel revitalized to begin your afternoon.

Put on Some Pants

You heard me. Get out of your pajamas or sweat pants and put on some real pants. This will get you out of your “I’m at home and I want to sleep mode”. Getting dressed for the day like you normally would for work will help get you in the right mindset.

I hope some of these tips help you to get motivated for your work day at home. Enjoy what you can from working at home and make the most of it!  

Sara Smith, AurStaff
Sara Smith, AurStaff

Sara Smith, Operations Assistant
Sara joined AurStaff in August 2018 as an Operations Assistant. Sara is from Minden, NE but moved to Omaha to attend college at University of Nebraska at Omaha. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and family, and working out.

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