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8 Activities to Do While Socially Distancing

Who would have thought this pandemic would happen? With the atmosphere of COVID-19 we have all had to keep our distance from one another to help prevent the spread of the virus. It’s enough to make us go stir crazy! Here are some great ideas to practice while social distancing to help keep us healthy and sane.

  1. Board games are making a comeback! Plan a family game night once or twice a week. Rotate having each person pick a game of their choosing for the night. Card games or video games are a great option as well. Enjoy some friendly family competition!
  2. Take in some UV rays outside! Take a walk or a bike ride, play catch, shoot hoops, or just sit on the porch with a cold one!
  3. Movie night! Pick a movie on Netflix or Hulu, hit up a Redbox, or dust off those old DVD’s and make the most of it. Order a pizza or grab takeout from a local restaurant, pop the popcorn, and snuggle up for tonight’s premiere.
  4. READ! Remember all those times you said you were going to read that book? Well now is the time! Reading is a great way to get lost in a story and pass the time. You can read by yourself or if you have little ones you can start reading stories together.
  5. Whip out that recipe book! Cooking is a great way to be with the family and show off your skills or teach your little ones something new. You can have different duties for everyone. Make that new dish you were excited to try out months ago!
  6. Move your body! Social media and YouTube have endless workouts you can follow for free! You don’t have to have the gym in order to break a sweat. Yoga is a great option to relax your mind and stretch your body. If you prefer intense workouts, find a great cardio workout to get your heart rate pumping. Find a routine that works best for you!
  7. Projects! Work on those projects around the house or apartment that you said you would get to later. This is your opportunity to get them done and out of the way before summer.  
  8. Start a new hobby. Do something you’ve been pushing off but want to do. Life gets in the way but now you’ll have the extra time to start something new! Create art, renovate furniture, or sew! There are so many interesting things for you to learn.

These are just a few examples to help pass the time in a healthy way. Keep in contact with family and friends; check in to see how they are doing. Let them know about some of the fun ways to pass the time while in quarantine. Working together and keeping our distance is helping save lives.

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Cierra Fetters, AurStaff

Cierra Fetters, Office Coordinator
Cierra is what some people call a “military brat”. Although having lived all over the United States, she has always considered Nebraska home. She attended hair school and completed her training, acquiring her cosmetology license. She has been with AurStaff since October 2019 as an Office Coordinator. In Cierra’s free time she enjoys spending time with her son, going to the zoo, and attending rock concerts.

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