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6 Management Styles & How They Work Best

Being a manager can be very rewarding but let us be completely honest, it is a hard job! People are vastly different and with that in mind, we all have different needs in order to succeed. Where one style of management might fit one person, it may not fit another. To ensure you are managing the best you can and treating all your employees fairly, here are six different management styles.

Directive (Coercive) – I personally worked for a manager who had a more directive approach to managing and it was hard for me to feel like a part of the team. Also, it didn’t provide a good work culture to be around.  This management style can leave new employees feeling discouraged, while employees who already know how to operate feel micromanaged. While this approach can be great in times of crisis or when things can’t be deviated from, it might be a good decision to use this only when absolutely needed.

Authoritative (Visionary) – When I was a manager I personally tried to use this style of management. I tried to show my employees the big picture and how I wanted us as a team to get there. I would create incentives to try and hit our goals. This style uses a firm but fair management approach, motivating employees by persuasion and giving feedback on task performances. It can be effective when the manager has clear direction and standards. The make or break to this style however can be how employees feel about whether or not their leader is credible. It can also be hard on the employees who may need more guidance.

Affiliative – As a manager we always strive to have harmony with the people we work with. This style takes the approach of people first and tasks second, trying to avoid conflict. This is great for anything to do with conflict resolution. Where it can end up falling apart is inadequate performance. This type of managing doesn’t emphasize performance, so the work can become lack luster. 

Participative (Democratic) – Working as a team can be very important. In this style you have everyone help making decisions as a team. This can be very helpful to ensure everyone feels happy and heard. I tried to do this on certain things like group outings or meetings so I could hear how my employees felt. This is great when you want to build a cohesive team, but when it comes to crisis decisions or something that would be above their heads, I would highly suggest against it.

Pacesetting – At my last job it was a very fast paced environment. The goal was to get an order out within 60-90 seconds after being ordered. When I became manager, I wanted to show my team that I would always give my all and show them how it should be done. I would place certain teammates on stations that they would excel in and if they ever struggled I’d have them switch with someone else to keep the pace going. This style was great for people who understood what they were doing, but it made it harder for those who were new or trying to improve.

Coaching – Most managers are expected to train or coach their employees so they can thrive at what you set them to do. As a manager I found it interesting to see how different people learned. I always tried to explain how to do things in a way they would take in and really absorb the information.  Also known as a “developmental” manager, they can really help improve a team by encouraging them to develop their strengths and improve upon their weak areas. The only problem with this style is when A) a leader lacks knowledge or B) the employee doesn’t have the aptitude for the job.

One management style isn’t for everyone; incorporating different styles of management can help improve your team or culture. I personally think it’s great to mix and match these styles when managing. Which style do you think fits you? Do you have multiple managing styles? With whatever managing style you use, AurStaff is here for your staffing needs.

Cierra Fetters, AurStaff

Cierra Fetters, Office Coordinator
Cierra is what some people call a “military brat”. Although having lived all over the United States, she has always considered Nebraska home. She attended hair school and completed her training, acquiring her cosmetology license. She has been with AurStaff since October 2019 as an Office Coordinator. In Cierra’s free time she enjoys spending time with her son, going to the zoo, and attending rock concerts.

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