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5 Interview Questions to Ask in a Job Interview: COVID-19 Edition

At the end of a job interview, you will be asked, “Are there any questions you have for us?” You should be prepared with at least a few questions to ask. Here are some suggestions of questions to ask that are tailored towards the current pandemic.

  1. What challenges do you expect this role will face by starting remotely?
  2. Which aspects of the business have been most impacted by the pandemic?
  3. What steps will the company take should the quarantine last through the year?
  4. What impact has remote work had on the company culture?
  5. How have customer behaviors changed since the pandemic?

If you don’t have anything to ask, you might be viewed as unprepared or uninterested. Having some post-interview questions lined up will show the recruiter or hiring manager you are prepared and that you see yourself with that company.

Good luck on your job search!

Marisol Saldana, AurStaff

Marisol Saldana
Marisol joined AurStaff in January 2018 and is a Social Media Strategist & Recruiter. She attended the University of Nebraska and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Marisol has been a makeup artist for five years and enjoys making people look and feel beautiful. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, working out, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with family. She has an 8 year old daughter, Liliana, who is her best friend and biggest fan.

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