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Habits Millennials Should Master at Work

Managers sometimes look at the millennials in their workplace with skepticism and suspicion. If you’re a millennial just starting out in your career, practice these habits to gain your managers’ trust...

50 Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing

Some things should not need to be said, but believe me, I have seen many candidates not follow these guidelines and miss out on job opportunities. One slip up could mean the difference between you getting the job or not.

Learn What Employees Want from Leaders

What do your employees really want? Jumping to conclusions isn’t safe, but to be a better manager, remember these basic truths about everyone who works for you.

Why Is a Resume so Important?

First of all, what is a resume? It is a brief written summary of a job applicant's past employment history, education, accomplishments, and other important information. It’s the first contact a potential employer has with you. Make it count!

Smart Advice for Success

Hard work alone won’t guarantee a successful career. Although the phrase “work smarter, not harder” has become a cliché, you can flourish in your workplace by focusing your efforts on smarter strategies.

Challenge Potential Leaders with These Valuable Experiences

Experience is the best teacher for leadership development. Your job is to provide the experiences that will develop your employees’ leadership skills.

Get Out of Your Career Rut

Worried that your career is stuck in neutral? Try these strategies to get back up to speed…

Why Performance Falls Short: Explore These Reasons

Poor job performance can have many different causes. When a member of your workforce isn’t meeting your organization’s needs, examine these factors before taking action…

Finish Your Day off Right

A good beginning sets the tone for a successful workday. The last 10 minutes of your day can help you be productive tomorrow. Practice these habits to close your day on the right note…

Use March Madness to Your Advantage

This time of year everyone is more worried about how their bracket is doing and what teams were left out of the tournament than their work. Take a look around – how many of your co-workers are taking time off to watch the games?