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Choose to be Happy at Work

Work doesn’t have to be endless drudgery. You can take positive steps to be happy at work—or at least happier.

How to Use Feedback to Succeed at Work

Generally we talk about feedback between a manager/supervisor and an employee. However, feedback can, and should, be given at all levels. Feedback: the process in which the effect or output of an action is returned.

Find the Right Combination of People for Your Team

The most effective work teams have a mix of personalities. When you’re forming a team for your next project or task force, look for one or more of these types of team players.

Stay Civil Even in the Midst of a Dispute

Civility in the workplace is crucial to everyone’s happiness and productivity. Although you may not be able to avoid occasional conflicts, you can keep disagreements from shattering relationships and creating an environment of hostility by remembering these rules when your blood starts to boil.


I recently went through a professional development class at work, and I have to say I was surprised at what I learned. Not only did I learn about new ways to improve my profession, but I learned why I do things the way I have always done them and why I keep coming across the

Build Accountability into Your Team’s Genome

An atmosphere of accountability means that employees share common goals with management, take ownership of projects, and work to the best of their ability. Follow these guidelines to build accountability on your team.

Two Thoughtful Exercises for Self-development

You can’t get ahead if you’re not willing to take chances. Professional development coach Rich Gee suggests these two exercises for getting started on the next step in your life or career.

How to Turn a Temp Job into Full-time Employment

People have the tendency to say no to temp jobs for many reasons, such as they think they are better than a temp or they want permanent employment. Well I’m here to tell those individuals that temp jobs can turn out to be the best opportunity.

Steer Clear of these Firing Errors

No one likes to fire an employee, but sometimes it’s necessary. Just make sure you’ve done everything possible to avoid a lawsuit from a disgruntled ex-employee. Watch out for these potential problems.

Reduce Stress with These Simple Steps

Stress can undercut your effectiveness at work. Every job has less than enjoyable moments but when you start feeling ready to burst, put some of these techniques into action.