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Ensure Productivity to Get Ahead

Success and productivity go hand in hand. To become more productive—and more successful—follow this advice every day.

Look for These Traits in Future Leaders

Have you surrounded yourself with a workforce of success-oriented people? They may not be easy to recognize, but they’re crucial to an organization that wants to be innovative and entrepreneurial. Here’s a list of factors that can help you identify and develop potential leaders on your staff.

Plan to Move Up in Your Career

If you want to want to advance in your career, a plan is essential. Here’s how to build forward momentum. First, make a five-year plan. What do you want to be doing in five years? What do you want to accomplish in that period of time?

Interviewing as a Millennial

In today's market, I think it's fair to say employers stereotype when hiring. Stereotypes are unfair, but they exist. People will perceive Millennials as being either an example of or an exception to the stereotype. I personally believe that I am living proof that I strive to be the exception.

Reward Workers Fairly and Objectively

If employees suspect that your reward program is unfair, they’ll resist it and resent co-workers who earn bonuses and recognition through it. The solution: Set up a task force of team leaders, supervisors, and employees to determine when rewards are appropriate.

Don’t Overwork Yourself in Pursuit of Success

Working hard is important in any career, but overwork can stall it. Exhaustion leads to illness, lower productivity, and burnout. You may think you have to work 80 hours a week, but before you collapse, analyze your load to determine whether you need to cut back.

How to Block Out the “Haters”

Haters love to put you down. They enjoy pointing out your flaws both personally and in your work. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism but “haters” normally give destructive criticism.

Encourage Employees to Ask Crucial Questions

Does your organization have a question-friendly culture? As a manager, you should encourage employees to come to you with their questions—and show you’re prepared to listen. Follow these tips to create a question-friendly workplace.

How to Get More Recognition at Work

You work hard. So why doesn’t your boss seem to notice? If you’re not getting the recognition you think you deserve at work, you might be making one or more of these common errors.

Know What Employees Want From You

What do your employees really want? Jumping to conclusions is never safe. To be a better manager, remember these basic truths about everyone who works for you.