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staffing and recruitment solutions

Staffing Solutions

AurStaff® offers a portfolio of staffing and recruitment solutions that provide the flexibility you need as your workforce situation changes. AurStaff will identify employees who are skilled, ready to work, and who fit the profile of your position.

Our hiring solutions are applicable to each of our areas of specialization, including industrial, skilled trades, technical, architecture, and engineering fields.

Traditional Supplemental (Temporary)

Whether you need an employee for a four-hour shift or for an indefinite time period, AurStaff will deliver. We bill an hourly rate determined by required skill level. This rate includes all payroll taxes and workman's compensation insurance expenses.

Match Hire ® (Temp-to-Hire)

Assess a prospective employee’s job performance and compatibility before making a hiring commitment through this “working interview”. After a pre-determined period of time, you have the option of extending an offer to the employee for full-time employment with your company or the individual may remain an employee of AurStaff.

Direct Hire (Full-Time)

AurStaff will recruit, interview, reference check, and refer only those candidates who meet all of the prerequisites required for your current opportunity. When you have confirmed your intent to hire, the employee is placed on your payroll immediately. You will be billed a service charge based on the employee's first year gross earnings.