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Work Safely In the Heat

As the warm days of summer set in, keep these safety tips in mind to avoid overstressing your body as you work outdoors:

  • Perform your heaviest tasks during the morning.If you have work that will require you to exert a lot of energy, it's best to do it in the cooler hours of the morning.

  • Build your tolerance. It usually takes a good two weeks for your body to acclimate itself to working in the heat, so give your body time to adjust to higher temps.

  • Use the buddy system. That way you can keep an eye out and get help if needed.

  • Drink water. Health experts say you should drink a small cup every 15 to 20 minutes when you're working in the heat to stay hydrated and cool.

  • Take breaks. Give your body a chance to cool down by heading off to a cool area for a few minutes.

  • Eat lightly. Try not to eat heavy or big meals before you have to work in the heat.

  • Skip the caffeine. It makes your body lose water and increases your chances of heat illnesses.

  • Watch your medications. If you take any medicine, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist about its effects when you're working in the heat.