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Take Prompt Action on Eye Injuries

Your eyes can be the most vulnerable parts of your body at work. Accidents like chemical splashes or bumps can happen all too easily, and the first aid that you apply to your eyes can mean the difference between minor eye damage and blindness. Here are recommended first-aid techniques for some common situations:

  • Foreign objects.Don't rub your eyes. Instead, lift your upper eyelid outward and gently pull it over your lower lashes. This will cause your eyes to tear, which can wash out the foreign object. However, if an object is embedded in your eye, don't try to remove it—immediately seek medical attention.

  • Chemicals. Immediately flush your eyes with cool water for at least 15 minutes. If possible, keep your head under a stream of water from the faucet, or slowly pour water from a cup to your eyes. If you wear contacts, remove them immediately and then flush your eyes. See a doctor right away.

  • Cut or penetration. Gently cover your eye with a bandage or gauze and go to a nearby hospital. Don't try to flush it with water, remove the object, or apply medication.