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At AurStaff®, safety in the workplace is a priority. Read our latest safety tips.

Follow These Rules to Avoid Injury at Work

Want to avoid accidents and injuries on the job? Of course you do. Try following this list of safety tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Take a moment to check your environment for possible hazards such as things you could trip on or boxes or bookcases that could topple over.
  • Protect your back. You'll prevent back injuries by lifting heavy items carefully without stooping or twisting. Also, when sitting at a desk, keep your shoulders lined up with your hips.
  • Take breaks regularly. Fatigue is a major contributor to workplace accidents. Don't overdo it. Also, tackle your most difficult tasks when you're fresh and full of energy so you can concentrate effectively.
  • Use equipment properly. Be sure you know how to use the tools you're given safely. Seek instruction on anything you're unsure of.
  • Know your emergency exits. Find out the quickest way to get out of your workplace in an emergency. Report any blocked passages that might impede a fast exit.