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Beware of These Common Workplace Safety Threats

Safety at work is everyone's concern. The National Safety Council has identified these common hazards that managers and employees alike should watch out for:

  • Working at a height. Falls from a higher level account for 14 percent of workplace fatalities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Beware of working on ladders and roofs, and be sure you have adequate fall protection.
  • Poor housekeeping. Boxes and other clutter that block exits are one problem. So are boxes stacked too high that may interfere with a sprinkler head in case of fire. Check your workplace for anything that might create an obstacle or hazard.
  • Electric cords. Plugging too many extension cords or power strips together is dangerous. So are frayed cords that could cause a shock or a spark. Cords can also present a tripping hazard.
  • Chemicals. Be sure to keep cleaners, paints, and other chemicals stored safely. Check expiration dates and follow procedures for disposing of them safely.
  • Confined spaces. Limited freedom of movement can be deadly if a fire or other emergency breaks out. Make sure employees are fully trained and follow necessary precautions.