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Cold Outside? Protect Yourself from Winter Hazards

When you work outside in cold weather, your body uses 60 percent of its fuel just to keep itself warm. Because of this, you can tire more easily than you notice. As you get more tired, you're more prone to the dangers of winter weather-hypothermia, frostbite, and poor awareness. Here's how to protect yourself during the winter months:

Acclimate to low temperatures. Before you launch fully into outside work, give your body a chance to get used to the cold.

Wear layers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends workers wear three specific layers of clothing to stave off the cold and wet:
    1. An outer layer that serves as a windbreaker, but allows for ventilation.
    2. A second layer that absorbs sweat and still insulates.
    3. A third layer close to the skin that is thinner and allows for ventilation.

Get extra protection for your hands and head. A warm hat can help retain the 40 percent of body heat that otherwise would escape from your head. If you have to wear a hard hat, use a liner that covers your ears, cheeks, and chin.

Wear the proper gloves. Make sure they're not too small, which can further restrict blood flow to your fingers, or too large, which won't give you the protection you want.

Insulate your feet. In addition to wearing warm woolen socks, use insulating muffs around your ankles and over the tops of your work shoes.