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Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs

Are you ready to implement a safety and/or health program at your workplace? Here are some tools to get started.


From Our Blog SAFETY TIP

Don't Fall for These Safety Mistakes

If you're a manager, you know your workers' safety is a top priority. Still, many managers fall prey to misconceptions about workplace safety—and pay a steep price if someone gets injured, disabled, or worse.



Employee of the MonthEMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

Aimee A. with Account Manager, Josh Korth
Aimee A.

"Aimee A. has been working for AurStaff on a Match-Hire® position since November. She has proven to be a great asset to her team and has a tremendous work ethic. Aimee has been picking and packing orders as well as other duties in a warehouse that ships product all over the world. Aimee's attention to detail is critical in her role and something she excels in! Thank you, Aimee, for your hard work and dedication! We truly appreciate you!"

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Employee of the MonthOUR CLIENTS SAY IT BEST

“I like working with AurStaff because the service is just so great! I have worked with Kevin for nearly 13 years and it has been such a pleasure working with him. He came to know our company culture and has always sent us good candidates.”

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From Our Blog

Self-Managers Wanted: Here's What to Look For
The "perfect" employee isn't one who does whatever you say, but someone who knows what to do without having to be told. It's someone who performs the job without constant prodding, someone who can manage himself or herself with a minimum of interference from you.

Wellness Tip

Health Tips for the 60+ Crowd
Maintaining good health is a lifelong activity, but it can get more difficult as we age. If you are over 60 years of age, follow this advice.

Industry News

Workplace Civility: Five Reasons Why Niceness (Literally) Pays Off
Is conflict hurting your team's productivity? Encourage your employees to sharpen their conflict resolution skills.

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