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Environmental Health & Safety Manager - Direct Hire
Countertop Installation Technician - Direct Hire
Construction Project Manager - Direct Hire




Machine Programmer - Match Hire®
Maintenance Mechanic - Direct Hire
Maintenance Technician - Direct Hire




Revit Drafter - Contract
Welding Engineer - Direct Hire
Manufacturing Engineer - Direct Hire


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Career Resources

Personal Accountability in the Workplace
There are several factors that make for a successful workplace no matter what field you're in, but personal accountability might be one of the most important. I've been taking a Professional Development course at C&A Industries, the parent company to AurStaff, and personal accountability is just one of the major focuses of the course. Now, you might be thinking, "How can personal accountability lead to success in a business?" For starters, it is a key factor in teamwork, morale, trust, and also the service you provide. [READ MORE]


Safety Tip

Handle Hazardous Chemicals Safely
If you work with hazardous chemicals, you know the importance of the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Not every piece of PPE is effective against every kind of chemical, though. Here are some tips for staying safe around dangerous substances... [READ MORE]


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