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At AurStaff®, we take safety in the workplace seriously. In fact, candidates are required to complete an interactive safety program as part of their initial assessment.

Clients are encouraged to implement company wide safety programs and candidates are trained to be keenly aware of safety procedures and policies at their place of work.

Most work related injuries are preventable. Take a look at the following links to obtain important information on emergency procedures and helpful tips on how to stay healthy in the workplace.

Safety tip of the month

Safety at Work Depends On These Factors

A safe workplace is the result of careful planning. To create a culture of safety that is as free of accidents and injuries as possible, build your strategy around these three elements:

• Environment. Pay attention to such issues as equipment, housekeeping, exits, and other physical issues. Are machines kept in good condition, and do they receive regular maintenance? Are floors clean and free of obstacles and other dangers, such as cords or standing water? Are emergency exits clearly marked and easily accessible?

• Personnel. Employees should be trained in safety procedures and must have a proper respect for workplace security and protection. If they ignore precautions, managers must point out the possible consequences. The wrong attitude can lead to serious injuries.

• Behavior. Training in safety procedures is only the beginning. Pay attention to how employees do such tasks as lifting, cleaning up spills, and properly performing maintenance tasks. Hold them accountable for creating a safe workplace.