Expertise at work.


At AurStaff®, we take safety in the workplace seriously. In fact, candidates are required to complete an interactive safety program as part of their initial assessment.

Clients are encouraged to implement company wide safety programs and candidates are trained to be keenly aware of safety procedures and policies at their place of work.

Most work related injuries are preventable. Take a look at the following links to obtain important information on emergency procedures and helpful tips on how to stay healthy in the workplace.

Safety tip of the month

Remember Security in the Parking Lot

It's easy to overlook the parking lot-you only see it on your way in or out. Yet it's a key spot for safeguarding your employees against injuries and theft. Remind employees to keep up their car insurance and to take the following safety precautions when using the lot:

  • Be aware. Learn to notice whether the lighting and the gate are working, and whether there are any individuals hanging out near the lot who appear to be "casing" cars. Report any problems to the lot attendant or security personnel.
  • Remove temptation. Remember to lock your doors and close your windows, and don't leave any valuable items visible on the seats, such as cellphones, laptops, or expensive clothing. Take these items along or store them in the trunk.
  • Don't advertise. Placing alarm decals on a car window may simply help thieves see what device they must evade. Ask your insurance company about using decals.
  • Identify the car. Etch your car's Vehicle Identification Number on the windshield and the engine block. If the car is stolen, it will be easier to identify.