Expertise at work.


At AurStaff®, we take safety in the workplace seriously. In fact, candidates are required to complete an interactive safety program as part of their initial assessment.

Clients are encouraged to implement company wide safety programs and candidates are trained to be keenly aware of safety procedures and policies at their place of work.

Most work related injuries are preventable. Take a look at the following links to obtain important information on emergency procedures and helpful tips on how to stay healthy in the workplace.

Safety tip of the month

Write an Effective Job Safety Description

The main goal of a job safety description is to give workers information about the potential hazards of a specific job. Each task that should be done should be identified, and the potential risks (physical, chemical, or energy) to the worker have to be considered. When you actually get down to writing the description, follow these four steps:

• Write out the sequential steps and tasks that must be accomplished.

• Write up the hazards that workers could potentially face in each step.

• Write up correct safe job procedures and safety measures workers are expected to take.

• Organize the information so that it is easy to read and understand.