Expertise at work.


At AurStaff, we take safety in the workplace seriously. In fact, candidates are required to complete an interactive safety program as part of their initial assessment.

Clients are encouraged to implement company wide safety programs and candidates are trained to be keenly aware of safety procedures and policies at their place of work.

Most work related injuries are preventable. Take a look at the following links to obtain important information on emergency procedures and helpful tips on how to stay healthy in the workplace.

Safety tip of the month

Safeguard Your Organization's Information

Every organization has its trade secrets or proprietary information. Protecting sensitive information is easy to overlook, though. Take these precautions to protect your organization's secrets:

  • Be discreet about talking about your organization's information in public places like restaurants or airplanes.
  • Always know who might be listening in, whether you're on the phone or in a teleconference.
  • Protect identification badges, office keys, and passwords as securely as your own personal property.
  • Use passwords on your computer to prohibit unauthorized users from accessing your data. Change your passwords frequently.
  • Be careful when sending confidential or personal information through email.